Website optimisation

website optimisation
Website optimisation has become inevitable for any online business nowadays. The Internet is a serious sales channel today. Top rankings in Google and implementing a successful search engine marketing strategy can have a 6 or 7 figure positive impact on the profitability of your company. Our team specialises in helping our clients achieve online success by doing ethical website optimisation. Our service generally includes six months gratis acting as your Webmaster during which time we are able to “fine tune” your Website.

There are two types of website optimisations :

  • Onsite website optimisation
  • Offsite website optimisation

Quite simply onsite optimization refers to all optimization that occurs on your website like text, links, keyword density, etc. whereas offsite optimization refers to all optimization other than on your website.

On-site optimisation will open all the proper channels to allow your site to be fully crawled and indexed by search engines. Once accessible, content optimisation will allow the search engines to better understand the topics of your pages and associate them with the search terms web surfers will be using to find you.

Offsite optimisation concentrates on improving what other websites think of that website page. The most important off-site factor are the links to your web site.

In order to rank highly in the search engines, website optimisation for both onsite website optimisation and offsite website optimisation needs to be conducted. Our website optimisation will take care of both these aspects.

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