Keyword reseach

Your keyword research is important, because the keywords that you build your website around can make or break your online business. Keyword research is a vitally important aspect of your search engine optimization campaign. If your site is targeting the wrong keywords, the search engines and your customers may never find you, resulting in lost dollars and meaningless rankings. People use different words when they search for your products online. So, it is essential that you do proper research according to your niche.

Proper keyword analysis and research helps establish an effective foundation for most of your online marketing efforts. The keywords you choose will power your search engine optimization, sponsored ad campaigns, link building campaigns, press releases and more. Main thing to remember in keyword research is, when describing your site or product, break away from industry speak. Your customers aren’t searching that way and if you center your site on these terms, they’ll never find you. For instance, if you have a rental car business in Florida, you might want to pick up on keyword phrases such as “car rental Fort Lauderdale” and “car rental Orlando.”

The first step in this process is to create a list of potential keywords. More often than
not, sites that generate smaller amounts of targeted traffic see a better return on investment
than sites that generate larger amounts of untargeted traffic. Avoid overly generic terms like ‘shoes’ or ‘clothes’. These words are incredibly difficult to rank for and won’t drive qualified traffic to your site. Narrow your list to only include highly attainable, sought-after phrases that will bring the most qualified traffic to your site.

If keyword research is not performed with the correct focus in the correct areas you may find you have a whole mess of phrases to target but no clear picture on the value of those phrases or their ability to drive targeted traffic. We recommend creating a spreadsheet or some other visual that will allow you to easily see each word’s conversion rate, search volume and competition rate

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